CASE STUDYIntrmodlThe ProblemRMS Intermodal is America’s 2nd largest intermodal terminal operator, moving ten's of thousands of shipping containers everyday. They have several challenges related to their processes.
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Android Driver App

The driver app provides tracking data for movement and shipping container placement that managers can then view.

Preview for Android Manager app

Android Manager app

Using tablets, managers can be on the go, submiting audits and keeping track of their yard.


Managers can see their yard’s movements in real time, see KPI’s for each worker, quickly search for a vehicle status, send notes, monitor reports, and view their yard’s KPI’s.

The Result

Managing yards has never been so straightforward. In the next couple of years, GNAR will continue to bring RMS meaningful results.

Sensor data every2s
Worker KPI’s every1hr
yard KPI’s every 3hrs

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