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What We Do


We strategize with businesses to develop better processes and run more efficiently.


We increase productivity by fine tuning operations and defining metrics


We develop and maintain tech to address business needs

CASE STUDYslingshotA Shared Task ListEffortless collaboration with clients & vendors, minus the sign-up fuss! Our app makes task management a breeze. Say goodbye to email overload! 😎Learn More
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CASE STUDYIntrmodlProductivityAn operation management tool that uses IoT and digital reporting to generate a data-driven view of intermodal operations. 🤓Learn More
Preview image from Intrmodl project
CASE STUDYSlateplanElegant SalesMaking budgeting and bidding on smart home designs easier. Get paid faster. 💸Learn More
Preview image from Slateplan project
Our Process
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